Targetspot and Digiseg team up to offer privacy-first, cookie- and tracking-free targeting capabilities to digital audio advertising.

Targetspot 16 September 2021

Targetspot, a global player in the fast-growing digital audio space, today announced its partnership with Digiseg, a cookie and ID free audience data provider based in Denmark.

The integration of Digiseg into Passport IQ by Targetspot makes it possible to supply data on digital audio users while respecting their privacy. A technology intended for advertisers for their digital audio campaigns which will strengthen Targetspot’s data platform in Europe and Canada.

The Digiseg technology is integrated into the Passport IQ by Targetspot platform, to supplement the Targetspot’s DMP offering (Data Management Platform). Cookie- and tracking-free, the solution segments audiences into 39 categories based on household characteristics. To do this, it uses reliable sources such as national statistical offices.

The intensive tests that we have conducted with the integration of Digiseg are conclusive: this DMP integrated into Passport IQ allows us to supply data on the needs and interests of listeners, while still ensuring that their privacy is respected, thanks to a tracking-free technology, that is wholly in line with European legislation on data protection“, explains Eric van der Haegen, Strategic Partner Development Director for Targetspot.

The Digiseg cookie-free audience technology has been specifically created because advertising needs an ethical alternative.

The absence of cookies and tracking isn’t just a good thing for confidentiality“, reports Bent Rønde Jacobsen, COO of Digiseg. “It also makes our platform much more versatile compared to other data solutions. The absence of cookies means that we can measure and target audio and CTV audiences, which is something no one else can do. We use households as a basis, which allows us to supply conventional measures which brands need for their targeting. We are excited to work with Targetspot to provide information on audiences to their advertisers.”

Passport IQ by Targetspot

Passport IQ by Targetspot is the data management platform from Targetspot. The integration of Digiseg will strengthen the targeting, segmentation, allocation and enrichment capabilities for digital audio data, while still respecting the data privacy of users.

Passport IQ (Identify and Qualify) makes it possible to better identify and qualify an audience. Brands can therefore reach their audience wherever they may be and on whatever device they may use. As for publishers, they can enrich their audience data to improve monetisation opportunities.

Passport IQ is the result of careful assembling of first-party data from the Targetspot platforms and premium publishers, combined with third-party data from several trusted partners. The solution offers brands a wide range of personalised targeting (demographics, behavioural, contextual) and allocation capabilities that are perfectly in line with a continually developing environment (cookieless, GDPR/CCPA).