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Digital audience aggregation and monetization

Cast. Play. Sell.

Targetspot is an independent digital audio advertising platform with a global presence. It consists of an extensive cross-device network connecting leading national, regional and local advertisers with a global audience of over 160 million people. Targetspot offers proprietary technology and targeting capabilities. The group is a pioneer in programmatic advertising and provides an audio inventory from the digital part of FM radio and “pure play”.


Cast. Play. Sell.

Shoutcast is an innovative broadcast technology used by over 65,000 radio stations worldwide to broadcast their programs online. The platform also enables listeners to discover thousands of online radio stations every day through the largest Shoutcast radio directory.

Cast. Play. Sell.

Winamp is one of the top 5 audio players! Thanks to this tool, you can manage your music libraries, podcasts and videos, while enjoying access to over 60,000 digital radio stations.


A single catalog for professional media projects

Music rights management for artists and a single catalog for professional media projects.

Jamendo is one of the biggest up-and-coming online music platforms. It provides free music for personal entertainment and various licenses for projects or businesses. Jamendo supports unsigned independent artists by providing them with a global space to exhibit and sell their creations.